Black Men Read


Black Men Read was created by Men of Stature to promote literacy in the black community. 

Youth Programs

Black Men Read uses literacy as the mechanism to provide mentoring, education, and group-based activities for male students.  Positive Black Men from the community serve as group facilitators and mentors for the students.  Each group session will use various forms of literature to support an overall theme.  Students and facilitators will also be able to process, discuss, and use activities based on the literature. Our main program objective is to highlight the importance of literacy in their lives. 


We connect mentors with young male students.  In the school environment the mentor works with the students in a group setting, during school hours.  The program will meet regularly throughout the school year and will use a program curriculum to guide the groups. 


The role of the mentor or mentors are to facilitate the groups and build lasting relationships with the students.  The mentors are trained in the areas of youth development, conflict resolution, and safety.  The mentors will be qualified, and from the same communities as the students.

The Black Men Read Program currently operates in several schools in Baltimore, MD.

In the Community
The goal of our ongoing social media campaign is to promote black literacy, and share our favorite books.  We host and promote various book signings for black authors, in an effort to promote literacy.  During the month of February, we host Black Men Read Week for students in several schools in Baltimore, MD.  During the week Black Men volunteer to read to the students, virtually or in-person.  


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