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Black Men Read

Black Men Read was created by Men of Stature to promote literacy in the black community. 

Youth Programs

Black Men Read uses literacy as the mechanism to provide mentoring, education, and group-based activities for male students.  Positive Black Men from the community serve as group facilitators and mentors for the students.  Each group session will use various forms of literature to support an overall theme.  Students and facilitators will also be able to process, discuss, and use activities based on the literature. Our main program objective is to highlight the importance of literacy in their lives. 


The Black Men Read Program currently operates in several schools in Baltimore, MD.


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Black Men Read Week
February 12th-16th 2024

During Black History Month, Men of Stature, Unboxing Change, and other community organizations host Black Men Read Week.  We partner with schools all over the country to host in-person and virtual reading groups with students. Black Men from the community volunteer to read the the students and facilitate groups.  The students get the opportunity to meet and learn from prominent black men, while understanding the importance of literacy.   


If you are interested in volunteering during Black Men Read Week, please email us at


For more information on Black Men Read, contact us at

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