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Community of
Positive Black


What is Men of Stature?

Men of Stature is an organization for black males of all ages.  Our mission is to promote a positive lifestyle through fellowship, awareness, and virtue.




Our Pillars

Our Story

Men of Stature was first founded in the early 2010's by Kenneth Wilson, as a men's big and tall fashion group.  The initial goal of the group was to inspire and educate big men on how become more confident through fashion. 


Over the years Men of Stature has evolved outside of just fashion, and being exclusive to big and tall men.  Our projects and outreach taught us the importance of brining black men together, and showed us the positive impact it had on our communities.  

In 2020, we expanded our mission to include all black men.  Our mission focuses on the ongoing process of developing black males to improve ourselves, which will lead to better families and communities.   

Our Founder

Kenneth R. Wilson

Wilson is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and award winning community advocate.  

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